P&G appreciates the importance of community consultation and facilitates the involvement and awareness of relevant communities and their representatives when undertaking any exploration or development activity. The Company believes that long-term success hinges on sustainable development, which benefits everyone - the business, society and environment. To this end, P&G has adopted a policy of responsible, proactive environmental management and works hard to ensure compliance with relevant legislative obligations in the course of any exploration activities. through a comprehensive system of control and accountability for the administration of corporate governance. The Board is committed to administering the policies and procedures with openness and integrity, pursuing the true spirit of corporate governance commensurate with the Company’s needs.

P&G’s corporate objective is to create long-term value for our shareholders through the discovery, development and conversion of natural resources and the utilization of proven market-focused solutions, and in pursuing this, we are committed to fostering a culture that values and rewards clear ethical standards, corporate integrity and respect for others. We believe that there is a link between excellent governance and the creation of shareholder value. Our expectations of our employees and those to whom we contract business are set out in our Code of Business Conduct.